Important Information

Returning Home

Kennel life can be very exciting for most dogs, running around barking, playing and generally having a great time. These dogs often leave the kennel very tired and they may sleep a lot for the first couple of days, this is quite normal. All it takes is a few days back at home and they get back into family life routine.

Canine Cough

“Canine Cough” or correctly Tracheobronchitis is a highly contagious, upper respiratory disease that is spread by an airborne virus. The incubation period is 3 – 7 days. The main symptom is gagging cough, or sometimes depending on the strain of the virus can present with sneezing and running nose. Usually these symptoms last for a few days, and although the cough can be annoying usually does not develop into anything more serious. Observe your pet closely to avoid any complications.

Canine Cough can be caught from meeting other animals at your local park, walking down the street, dog shows, veterinarian clinics, pet shops, obedience clubs or even sniffing your next door neighbors’ dog through the fence. As a concerned kennel owner, we do not allow any animals into the kennel with Canine Cough. But unfortunately sometimes, animals arrive at a boarding kennel that may have no symptoms but have been in contact with another animal that has the disease. And because of the incubation period of 3 – 7 days, within a couple of days you have Canine Cough.

As all good kennel operators do, we take them out of the main kennel block and place them in isolation, but unfortunately no amount of sanitation can stop an airborne virus, we advise that all dogs should be vaccinated for “Canine Cough” C5 which decreases the chance of secondary infection. Having the C5 vaccination does not stop your dog catching Canine Cough; it simply lessons the chance of secondaries. If you are at all concerned if your animal does seem very lethargic or refuses to eat, seek veterinary help, and antibiotics may be prescribed.

Tracheobronchitis – “Canine Cough”, like the flu is often seasonal, veterinarians see cases from everywhere not just boarding kennels. So again, C5 vaccination is your best line of defence.

Your local veterinarian will give you any assistance of information on the subject.