To Shellie, Henry and the whole team at Yannathan Park,

I would like to take the time to express my gratitude for the wonderful way you have helped us with our young Border Collie x Koolie “Flynn”.

I had looked into a few boarding options and walked away thinking that boarding may not be the right solution for us, then I found your pamphlet at my local vet and thought it was worth an enquiry.

After a phone chat with a very patient Shellie followed by a visit to Yannathan Park I was pleasantly suprised at the set up for the dogs, the country atmosphere, the real grass day areas with cubby houses like you would have for your kids, secure wire fences so they can see what’s going on and the sight of other (barking but very happy dogs) we decided to leave him for a weekend stay while we attended a wedding out of town. As you would remember I was very nervous and reluctant about leaving our “fur baby” in care for the first time, so much so that I shed a tear on the way out of the car park. However, I needn’t have been so concerned and was not sure whether to be offended on pick up when he ran back to your staff member Lyn when we tried to lead him to the car. I have since accepted his love for all of you there at Yannathan Park (2 & 4 legged) and embrace the knowledge that our Flynn is safe and happy when we can not be with him. He drags me across the car park and straight into the office where he now feels so at home that he runs around the work side of the bench and stands on hind legs to read the paperwork.

If I need to go out during the day I often drop him at Doggie daycare just for a few hours play where he gets to run with his pals and spend some of his working breed energy.
Flynn has had quite a few visits now ranging from daycare to a week while we were on holiday and I have never had one cause for concern during or after his stay.

I tell everyone about Yannathan Park and Flynn’s happiness at being there is a testimonial in itself to you and your wonderful staff, interacting with all of you and his doggie friends there genuinely has helped shape him into a friendly, happy well balanced young dog. Your advise and patience has helped shape us into happy well balanced owners and I don’t think of Yannathan Park now as a boarding kennel, I think of it as dropping Flynn off at his friends.

So thanks again for all you do there,

Lynette Burton

Hello Shellie ……I am writing to THANKYOU all so much for the excellent care you provide to my Labrador Deejay when he stays with you at Yannathan Park …my thanks to you , Henry , Lyn and all the staff . Deejay has had multiple stays with you now and he always returns so well groomed happy and worn out too ! (which is good) from all the play matches you make there …he will be back with you before too long when I have another travel arrangement.


Michael Spruce

To the wonderful team at Yannathan Park

Many thanks for your ongoing care of my (adorable) dog Indi at doggie holiday camp. I initially wondered how Indi, who’s a rescue dog, would go at a kennel but was quickly convinced he was in the best hands – knowledgable, understanding and caring. Indi gets excited as soon as we turn into the Yannathan Park drive, can’t wait to get in when he arrives and always leaves happy but tired (too much excitement surrounded by all the other dogs!)

I can always enjoy my time away knowing he’s happy, well cared for and safe. I think it’s great too that you’re connected to a dog rescue service.