Kylie Bright is a well known animal rangler that has been in the television and film industry for over twenty years.
She is constantly looking for well trained dogs with hidden talents waiting to come out.
All our clients go into a data base that we can call upon should a certain breed or temperament be required.
By boarding your dogs and cats here we are able to narrow down the right animal for the job.
The girls here know who would be perfect for the job just because we know your dogs and cats so well.
We are happy to be working alongside Kylie Bright and helping her find the dog/cat she is looking for.
We then pass on our recommendations to Kylie for her to give you a call for an audition.
Some of the jobs she has worked on are,

  • Secret Life Of Us
  • Cath and Kim
  • House Husbands
  • Please Like me
  • Jack Irish
  • Blue Heelers
  • Thank God Your Here
  • Wicked Science
  • Last Man Standing

Just to name a few. Also plenty of Television ads.
Kylie is available for workshops and seminars.