Our Cattery

Our cattery is very cosy and friendly having both inside and outside areas.

We have single runs and double runs for two cats from the same household.

We do not allow cats playing together or sharing rooms if they are not from the same family.

Our outside play areas are fully enclosed for the cats to enjoy some sunshine, have a climb on the cat posts or have a snooze in a deck chair. Down the opposite end of the run is also plenty of shade to stretch out in.

We put the cats outside into separate enclosed play areas to give them plenty of mental and physical stimulation. If they are older we put their bed in it to have a snooze.

They then coming back into their rooms for dinner and a good nights sleep.

If you would rather your cat just stays in his room we are only to happy to do this.

The cattery is cooled in summer and heated in winter.

Premium dry food is provided all day long. The evening meal is a variety of canned or fresh meat.

If your pet has a specific medical problem requiring a special diet, please bring your food with you and we will ensure he/she receives their own diet. Along with administering any medication if needed.