Our Kennels

Our kennel complex is very comfortable with adequate space for two very large Rottweilers to share together.

The kennel building is thermally and acoustically lined which keeps everyone comfortable in all weather conditions, hot or cold.

With twenty large outside play areas that are grassed with trees and seventeen that are undercover there is plenty of space for even the most active dog to have a good run.

If you would like your dog to have a play mate we can do this as long as we have someone suitable boarding at the same time.

For the smaller dogs we have outside cottages with lovely grassed area to play or relax in or go inside the cottage for a snooze.

We do not put smaller dogs in with the larger dogs.

Exercise time starts at 8 am when everyone goes outside into individual exercise yards.

Weather permitting we try to leave the dogs out for a few hours.

Then after lots of energy has gone everyone comes back inside for a snooze then dinner is served.

An hour or two later everyone goes back outside for a good play and run around.

This kind of routine helps everyone settle in and have a good time which makes very very happy dogs.

It also means a quite kennel at night.

If your pet has a specific medical problem requiring a special diet, please bring your food with you and we will ensure he/she receives their own diet. Along with administering any medication.

Music is played 24 hours day though out the complex.

You are more than welcome to bring a blanket from home.


If this is your first time for your dog to stay at a boarding kennel I would recommend you bring one of your dogs blankets to keep the smell of his/her family with them.

If you are worried about boarding your dog try doing an overnight stay or even a weekend stay to get them and yourself used to the our girls and the kennel.

This really helps both the owner and the dogs.


If your dog pulls you on lead we also offer basic lead work broken into two half hour sessions at $50.00 You can book as many of these as you want while your dog is boarding with us.


Book in some time for your dog to have a big run, wander around, some cuddles or all three, in our big paddock full supervised with one of the girls.

30 minutes for $20.00