Hydrotherapy Rehab Centre

If your dog is sore, aging, or recovering from injury or surgery, then we can help you!

With a physiotherapist and hydrotherapist on site we can offer your dog a tailor made treatment plan making recovery time much faster.

Our rehab team is effective in treating a range of conditions including back and joint pain, muscle pain, neurological conditions, following most surgeries, and general strength and conditioning.

We can also develop tailor made fitness plans for overweight dogs, agility dogs and show dogs.
Hydrotherapy is exercise done in a water treadmill which is a safe and controlled environment. The warm water allows for low impact exercise as the buoyancy of water can reduce weight bearing load up to 90%. This reduction in load on joints allows for increased tolerance for exercise, greater range of movement, and reduced pain. These benefits in turn decrease recovery time from injury and surgery, increases capacity for muscle building and improves overall fitness.

Hydrotherapy Details

Phone: 0491 669 555

Physio pricing, initial consult: $120.00
Follow up: $100.00

Hydro Days

Wednesday to Friday: $50.00
Saturday: $60.00
Sunday: $70.00


Wednesday - Friday: 9am to 5pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9am to 4pm


Arthritis is one of the most common problems in dogs today as they age. Often presenting with joint stiffness, muscle wastage, pain, and reduced mobility, arthritis has many forms. The good news? Nearly all forms of arthritis will benefit from hydrotherapy!
Due to the buoyancy of the water, the dog is able to exercise to a higher degree with reduced pressure on their joints. In conjunction with this, the warm water provides a pain relieving medium which can help increase mobility.

As mentioned, one of the side effects of arthritis is muscle wastage, due to the pain relieving qualities and buoyancy, the dog is able to tolerate longer bouts of exercise, thus increasing their capacity to build and retain muscle mass.

Further to its pain relieving properties, the warm water increases blood flow to the muscles. The water pressure also gives some resistance to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increasing their adaptation to training in a reduced period of time.
In addition to your normal regime of walks, hydrotherapy is also a great way to keep off those extra kilos and provides enrichment improving their mood! 
In most cases we would like your vet to supply us with a quick email providing us with a brief background of previous and underlying health conditions, and that your dog is ok to receive physio and hydro treatment.

We first book you in with the physio for a comprehensive assessment and treatment. From there we will work out a management plan of physio, hydro and home exercises to get the best result.